Drill Down, Roll Up!

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9.3 9 February 2021
This release builds upon Glaass Core’s Register, which already allows users to produce filtered lists of project processes, and now, the ability to drill into items for more detailed reviews. Register also now intuitively learns how you view project information and remembers it for added convenience.

Item Level Register
Drill Down, Roll Up – If a register search result includes templates both with and without items, a new toggle will appear to swap between case view and item view to drill down or roll up.
Completion Tracking – Templates which have been customised with completion items can now be tracked in register to see if the task is complete, with the person’s name, date and time, or if the task is still outstanding.
Filtering – Register now allows you to filter by complete or incomplete tasks, who completed the task or by a specific timeframe.

Solution Wide Features
Performance Improvements – Register performance has been improved for both case view and item view to produce results quicker.
Intuitive Personalisation – Register now remembers how you view information based on each of the searches displayed so there’s less clicking and more viewing.

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