Modular construction management software for enterprise contractors

Glaass Pro is a modular construction management platform that bundles our advanced Glaass Core with selectable modules and customisable templates that are configurable to project-specific requirements.

Glaass core

Digital tools designed for construction

The beating heart of every Glaass Pro project is Glaass Core – a powerful suite of imbedded digital tools designed specifically for construction to help teams save time in the office and on-site.


View real-time key performance indicators with customised analytical dashboards and interactive widgets.


Create filtered lists of project information with metadata filtering and drill-down capabilities.


Instantly find project documentation in seconds with a few keystrokes.


Produce detailed reports of contractor’s hours, activities, and machinery used on-site.


Quickly access every project, on any device, at any time, wherever you are.


Never miss a deadline with integrated due date reminders, workflow actions, and inspection prompts.


Link related tasks, activities, and reports together to cross-reference project data.

Glaass modules

Create the ultimate package

Our modular platform allows contractors to select the modules they require to create their own personalised construction management platform.

Where construction meets the metaverse

Immerse yourself in the metaverse to review the project’s real-time progress from anywhere in the world. Virtually collaborate with contractors, clients, and subcontractors to instantly rectify design issues, defects, and nonconformities.

As easy as

1, 2, Pin.

Powerful construction tools. Made digital.

Work offline
Work without internet from our iOS and Android app that automatically synchronises once a signal is received.

Delegate tasks
Unblock tasks with delegation capabilities that allows user or group delegates to progress outstanding works forward.

Set permissions
Control who can create or modify project data with inbuilt user types and permissions to construct individual rights.

Privatise information
Hide sensitive information with private folders and templates to restrict access to specific users or groups.

Full-service provider. Personalised services.

Flexible investment options

From $9 per user per month.
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