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Designed for the enterprise

Glaass Pro is our reference standard construction management solution designed to handle the scale and complexity of enterprise projects. Glaass Pro bundles our advanced Glaass Core with customisable modules to help teams deliver projects on time and on budget.

Glaass Core. Built-in tools that go all out.

Glaass Core is a powerful suite of tools embedded in Glaass Pro, designed to help project teams save time in the office and on-site.
  • Intelligent Search

    Instant access to everyone and everything in your project with just a few keystrokes. Quickly find documents, drawings, colleagues, companies, groups, folders, and locations, direct from the menu bar.

  • Customisation

    No two infrastructure projects are the same, which is why we've inbuilt advanced customisation. Customise case templates to include checklists, project users, groups, locations, dates, times, and more.

  • Linking

    Linking connects related construction activities together ensuring all changes are cross referenced. Link design changes to drawing, non conformances to quality records or concrete orders to test requests, the possibilities are endless.

  • Smart Calendar

    We've re-engineered the calendar as you know it. Glaass automatically integrates your work into Smart Calendar to keep you organised, efficient, and proactive. Glaass automatically notifies you when tasks are overdue, so you'll never miss another deadline.

  • Projects Dashboard

    Swap between all the projects you're working on with Projects Dashboard. One log in, every project you're associated with, all in one place. Changing between projects is just a click away. Your team has never experienced mobility like this.

  • Project Analytics

    See the real-time performance of your project and team with Project Analytics. Don't waste time collating data, creating spreadsheets and graphs; Project Analytics graphically displays your projects performance.

  • Production Analytics

    Production Analytics derives man hours from the site diary to show managers the number of hours’ companies have used on programmed activities across various locations on the project.

  • Register

    Find project documentation with our advanced search engine. Register utilises keywords, file names, statuses, revisions, users, locations, companies, and date ranges, matrixed together to find information quickly.

Glaass Modules.
For the complete package.

  • Quality Assurance

    Have a complete overview of your project's quality assurance processes in one place for complete traceability.

    • Request For Information: close out site and drawing clashes to improve communication and reduce delays.
    • Inspections: create Witness Point, Hold Point, and general inspections for client compliance.
    • Non Conformances: issue and agree project non conformities to avoid variations and claims.
    • Inspection and Test Plans: send custom inspection and test plans with actionable items for any discipline.
    • Records: link inspection and test plans to create Lot records that can be completed and tracked digitally.
    • Defects: capture and close out site defects on any device with tracking to avoid overruns.
    • Requests: site requests with traceable result tracking.
  • Safety & Environment

    Identify, share, and close out issues and incidents from any device to ensure compliance with project procedures.

    • Incidents: formulate actions from near miss and accident reports to reduce incidents.
    • Inspections: generate site inspections with visual close out items that ensure compliance.
    • Plant: plant inductions and inspections with automatic routine inspection reminders.
  • Document Control

    Issue document and drawing packages ensuring your team are always working off the latest revision.

    • Accessible: access the latest documentation on the device of your choice to work anywhere any time.
    • Version Control: automatically update document packages with visible changes to avoid document related mistakes.
    • Tagging: issue tags communicate document and drawing package to increase traceability.
    • Workflows: send document packages through customisable workflows to collaborate teams.
  • Diary

    Connect contractors to activities and hours to capture site works from the device of your choice, wherever you are.

    • Analytics: Production Analytics calculates and visually displays site hours to mitigate delays.
    • Reporting: compare hours by location, activity, and contractors to more accurately forecast costs.
    • Export: export site diary data to Excel for further reporting and analysis.
  • Orders

    Send concrete, reinforcement, and purchase orders in one place. Integrated locations means orders will never go missing again.

    • Purchase Orders: send purchase orders and have each item accountable.
    • Concrete Orders: engage suppliers and have test results uploaded to increase traceability.
    • Reinforcement Orders: issue reinforcement orders with linked drawings to avoid order errors.
  • Correspondence

    Correspond important project information as a permanent record with contractors, suppliers, clients and inspectors.

    • Sub-contractors: transparent and traceable communication with contractors that lives as a permanent record.
    • Third Parties: engage with all project personnel to ensure permanency to increase communication.
  • Media

    Create a photographic timeline of the project’s important individual phases with progress photos and videos.

    • Photos: upload, share, and organise site progress photos for future project reference.
    • Videos: upload progress videos of important site processes for records, claims, and compliance.

Made digital.


Create customised workflows to handle any approval process on your project. Customise the number of single and parallel steps to digitally communicate with your team. Add workflows to any case template and use Register to monitor progress.


Large projects often see new faces and role changes. Glaass enables administrators the ability to quickly delegate tasks from one or even a series of team members to another in seconds from Register.

Offline Mode

A dedicated app for iOS and Android devices which will allows teams to work offline. Offline mode is ideal for projects with limited or no internet access. Once a signal is received, Glaass automatically synchronises.


Whether your project is no longer using information or if documentation should simply be removed, Glaass enables you to archive it to remove it from the project.


Administrators can decide what information is accessible to certain users. Privacy allows Administrators to add all parties to Glaass, ensuring they access only approved information.


An inbuilt permission matrix allows managers to set different action levels for individual users giving projects complete control over who can create, access, and modify information.

Glaass Pro

Glaass Pro has been designed by construction professionals, for construction professionals with enterprise customers in mind. Glaass Pro enables companies to create their own:
Custom Modules
Custom Case IDs
Custom Case Templates
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