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Here's what our clients have to say:

“Production Analytics enables us to analyse the hours and activities from all of the sites. It’s simple to use and makes comparing sub-contractors hours to actual site hours fast, especially the Excel export function, we can do a lot with this data.”
Luca Guidotti, Planning Manager
“I use Glaass Pro daily to enter the site's activities, access the latest drawings, close out defects and complete safety punch list items. The software is extremely easy to use and makes collaboration between the office, sites and contractors much easier.”
Marco Zofrea, Site Engineer
“I've been in construction thirty years, and in the beginning I was a little hesitant to use a new system. Now I'm using Glaass Pro I can say it saves me hours in my week. Making inspections and finding information is just so fast and simple.”
Peter Andresen, OHS Coordinator
“With Glaass Pro the ISO 9001 management for building works is made much more practical. It's such an effective tool for quality management.”
Paolo Steve, QC Manager
“What a great product Glaass Pro is, it has been instrumental in helping our project in Copenhagen resolve health and safety issues quickly and efficiently.”
Paul Evans, OHS Manager
“Glaass Pro has drastically reduced miscommunication and wrong information on site. It's simultaneously optimised our quality inspections and subcontractor production.”
Stefano Calogero, Site Manager
Glaass Lite is easy to navigate not only for the management, but for the supervisors, foreman and workers. I personally use Glaass for safety inspections and I can say, it saves half my time to prepare the report.
Ausra Galinyte Olesen, OHS Supervisor
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