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Glaass connects construction teams together to record, track and trace every aspect of their project on one simple organised platform. Designed specifically for construction, Glaass empowers mobile collaboration in an accountable and transparent environment. Welcome to your new digital construction.

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of all construction related expenses are wasted by:
  • miscommunication
  • misunderstanding
  • wrong information
  • poor systems
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Source: Construction Industry Institute

Your Construction Digitally Transformed


Issue document and drawing packages with Version Control to automatically organise updates, changes and revisions.


Create a photographic timeline of the projects important individual phases with progress photos and videos.


Correspond important project information as a permanent record with contractors, suppliers, clients and inspectors.


Send concrete, reinforcement and purchase orders in one place. Integrated locations means orders will never go missing again.


Capture inspections, records, requests, test results, defects and non conformances in one place for easy auditing.


Connect contractors to activities and hours to capture site works from the device of your choice, wherever you are.


Capture and share environmental issues with project teams on a platform that makes closing site issues simple.


Identify, record and close out site safety issues on any device ensuring project compliance with statutory laws.

is our Philosophy

Our goal at Glaass is to provide reference standard construction management software that is powerful, fast and easy to use. We’ve considered every detail to create a product that is so intuitive, it requires no training to operate. Even better, there's no installation or maintenance required.

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Deep String Search

Find everyone and everything in your project instantly using the power of Deep String Search. Positioned in the menu bar it's perfect for fast access to documents, drawings, colleagues, companies, groups, folders, locations and a whole lot more.

Projects Dashboard

Swap between all the projects you're working on with Projects Dashboard. One log in, every project you're associated with, all in one place. Changing between projects is just a click away. Your team has never experienced mobility like this.


We understand all infrastructure projects are different which is why we built customisation directly into Glaass. Use customisation to modify case templates to integrate your projects users, groups, locations, dates, times, checklists and more.


Linking connects related construction activities together ensuring all changes are cross referenced in Glaass. Link design changes to drawing packages, non conformances to quality records or concrete orders to test requests, the possibilities are endless.

Analytics Dashboard

See the real-time performance of your projects with Analytics Dashboard. Forget wasting time collating data, creating spreadsheets and graphs; Analytics Dashboard tells you everything about the performance of your project and team at any given time.

Smart Calendar

We've re-engineered the calendar as you know it. Glaass automatically integrates your work into your calendar to keep you organised, efficient and proactive. Glaass automatically notifies you when tasks are overdue, so you'll never miss another deadline.

Offline Mode

Working on sites with limited or no internet access? With offline mode you can download project information to your device and work without an internet connection. When you reconnect to internet, Glaass automatically synchronises everything.

Case Register

Glaass uses a hybrid tagging and folder structure to organise your projects information in a way that's easily traceable no matter the project size. Case Register makes finding important files and revisions easy, so you can work smarter, not harder.

Mix and Match

Select the features your project requires:

  • Correspondence
  • Inspection and Test Plan
  • Request for Information
  • Quality Records
  • Inspection Request
  • Defects
  • Survey Request
  • Safety Inspections
  • Test Request
  • Environmental Inspections
  • Non Conformance Report
  • Documents
  • Drawings
  • Reinforcement Orders
  • Purchase Orders
  • Daily Diary
  • Concrete Orders
  • Media

Permission Levels

An inbuilt permission matrix allows managers to set different action levels for individual users giving projects complete control over who can create, access and modify information.

Kick Start Your Project

When you log into Glaass for the first time you're greeted with a tutorial showing you how everything works. If you want your team to hit the ground running, we offer on site training courses.

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Key Vault

We use enterprise grade Microsoft Azure cloud services to deliver reference standard reliability, security and performance.

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Work at full throttle with unlimited users and storage on all our contract options.


3 month minimum

  • • unlimited users
  • • unlimited storage
  • • email support


12 month minimum

  • • economical price
  • • unlimited users
  • • unlimited storage
  • • email support
  • • personalised setup


Customised Solution

  • • best price
  • • unlimited users
  • • unlimited storage
  • • email support
  • • personalised setup
  • • multiple projects
  • • on site training
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