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Save time, reduce mistakes, and connect everyone on one simple to use digital platform. Available on any device, online or offline, wherever you are.

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How it works

Project management software
built by construction professionals.

Glaass connects contractors, clients, and subcontractors together to digitally manage all aspects of their projects. Glaass solutions are adaptable to each project, simple to use, and provide real-time analytics to mitigate delays.

Link health, safety, environment, and quality processes with customisable forms and digital checklists.

Capture and report contractor’s hours, activities, and quantities on interactive dashboards to mitigate delays.

Pin inspections, defects, and reports to 3D model elements to create visual walkthroughs in the metaverse.


of all construction related expenses are wasted by miscommunication, wrong information, misunderstanding, and poor systems.

Source: Construction Industry Institute

Glaass is proven to
save time, reduce mistakes,
and increase productivity.

Configurable modules

Full-service provider

Mobile collaboration

Real-time analytics

Simple to use

Streamline your productivity
and see results like this.


faster to close out issues


reduction in nonconformities


less loss time injuries

Find the right fit for your project

A modular platform for enterprise contractors that is configurable to project specific requirements.

A free solution for everyday contractors to manage construction projects digitally and efficiently.

Expert analysis of business systems and site processes with clear optimisation strategies.

Simplicity is
our philosophy.

Glaass construction management solutions are simple to implement, endlessly configurable, and easy to use.

Online training and support

Intuitive and easy to use

No installation or maintenance

Powerful and fast

Backed by
the best.

We use enterprise-grade Microsoft Azure cloud services to deliver reference standard reliability, security, and performance.

Boost communication and efficiency on your construction project with Glaass