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9.2 7 December 2020
This release includes a new integration with smart solutions company, Effera; helping to increase data accuracy and team efficiency. This update also adds a variety of improvements related to daily diary analytics, workflow approvals, and performance.

Daily Diary Production Analytics
Custom Metadata – Our daily diary has been comprehensively overhauled to be even more configurable. Custom daily diary metadata tags now report directly into Production Analytics.
Configurable Analytics – Custom daily diary metadata in Production Analytics can be viewed on graphs, charts and tables to track project progress. This allows companies to track virtually anything, such as machinery, shifts, variations, WBS codes, lane closures and more.

Effera Integration
Effera – Glaass now integrates with Norwegian smart solutions company, Effera (
Automatic Integration – Effera automatically pushes information to Glaass to pre-populate the daily diary. Data such as companies, locations, workers, start times, and end times help projects increase accuracy and save time creating diaries.

Case Creation Approval
Workflow Configuration – Milestone workflow steps now include the option to postpone case creation until the first milestone step is approved. This option only appears when a step has been flagged as a milestone.
Case Approval – When the first milestone step is approved, the case will be visible in the project for users to see, subject to their user permissions. Case approval ensures only approved cases are added to the project.

Case Viewer Redesign
Better Visibility – Cases now include dedicated sections which can be expanded and collapsed for increased focus.
Gallery View – Cases with items now show attachments on tiles when gallery view is on.
Text Options – Users can now choose to have subject matter text beside or below headings.
Timeline Sorting – Replies now include vertical lines to more clearly sort correspondence.

Performance Improvements
Projects Dashboard – Users working on multiple projects in different countries can now access their projects five times faster.
Creating and Archiving Cases – Creating and archiving cases is now twice as fast.
Navigating Folders – Accessing cases and folders within folders is now three times faster.
Case Revisions – Cases with multiple revisions are now much faster to view and sort.
My Work – Users who have a lot of created cases can now access My Work five times faster.
Calendar – The calendar has been completely reworked to facilitate extra-large projects.

Solution Wide Features
Invisible Private Folders – Private folders now include the option to be invisible to users without access.
Workflow Filtering – The dashboard now allows users to filter their workflow approvals.
BIM Improvements – Users can now create pinned BIM cases directly from the model.
Navisworks Files – NWD files can now be added into our BIM 360 integration module.

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