What’s Coming Next to Glaass

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We pride ourselves on creating a platform that prioritises quality over quantity. We believe this philosophy leads to the best possible user experience which is pivotal in combating resistance to change. This approach makes striking the right balance between building new features and refining existing ones a constant challenge.

Our current release, version 6.1 was focused on a delivering a variety of small features that integrate into our existing ones, along with various optimisations. With version 6.2 set for release at the end of July, our roadmap for version 6.3 and 6.4 is established and underway. Here’s a preview of what’s coming.

Document & Drawing Issue Statuses
Glaass is already a great place to distribute project documents with Version Control to eliminate revision clashes. With Issue Statuses, document controllers can mark drawings with a stamp that identifies their purpose, e.g. For Approval, Valid for Construction and more. Issue Statuses are customisable and ensure users link correct document or drawing cases.

Approval by Manager
Sharing sensitive information on your project? Have it reviewed by a manger first. With case approval turned on under customisation, your case will be sent to your manager for review where they can edit, issue or discard the case. This means only approved information is transmitted.

Control Centre
Control Centre is a widget dashboard that shows bite-sized pieces of important information related to the user and project that are interactive. It’s a beautifully designed canvas that shows upcoming activities, analytical information, weather and more. There are quick links to creating cases and much more; we think users will love how much they can achieve from just a single screen.

Our continual development and refinement of Glaass represents our unwillingness to compromise. It’s a promise to companies who use Glaass that you’re invested in a product backed by a complete support network.

If you’re interested in using Glaass to better manage your construction projects, we’re ready to talk. You can sign up to our free 14-day trial project at http://glaass.net/trial.html to see how it works.

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