Transmittals, Single Sign On and Multi-Language Support

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11.2 7 February 2023 

The latest instalment of Glaass Pro builds upon consolidated projects, released in version 11.1, with the roll out of transmittals which connects multiple Glaass Pro environments together.    

Transmittals helps civil infrastructure companies who have multiple simultaneous projects save time by transmitting individual project data into a central corporate Glaass Pro repository. 

  • Transmittals – Connect all site Glaass Pro environments to your organisation’s corporate Glaass Pro environment to seamlessly transmit inspections, reports, and other project data so that everything is visible within one central repository. 
  • Single Sign On – Have greater control over your organisation’s users and password requirements with Single Sign On now available. Single Sign On in Glaass Pro utilises Microsoft’s Active Directory technology.
  • Multi-Localisation – Working on a project with teams that speak different languages? No a problem. With multi-language functionality now available, forms, templates, and metadata values can be localised into multiple languages so that everyone can work on the same template in their own language. 
  • Binder Sort and Group – Binders can now be sorted by templates, titles, and IDs. Further, they can be grouped for better organisation. What’s more, Glaass Pro remembers each users selection for the future. 
  • Modify Historical Metadata – Making important changes to metadata and want it to apply to previously created cases? Now when you update metadata, Glaass Pro will intelligently check if it has been used before and will ask you if you would like to apply changes historically or only in the future. 

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