The Most Requested Feature Coming Next to Glaass

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We only release new features in Glaass when they meet all aspects of our strict design criteria. We do this to ensure that our design is more advanced, simple and intuitive than our competitors' products; otherwise, we're not adding meaningful value.

There are numerous aspects to our design criteria; the first is that new features must seamlessly integrate into our user interface design. Visual consistency in software is paramount to usability and increasing user confidence. The second aspect is that new features must be uniquely different to our competitors.

Case Register, slated for release in mid-March, is a primary example of how we deliver exciting new features. During our research and development phase, we identified the need for an extremely powerful tractability tool. Competing document management platforms employ a document register, a tool to find any document or drawing on the project.

Because Glaass is much more than document management platform, we saw an opportunity to apply this theory to all activities in Glaass, not only documents and drawings. Case Register allows you to trace any document, drawing, revision, inspection, record, test result, defect, order or photo based on specific case criteria. Practical examples include:

• Finding all of the Valid for Construction Reinforcement Drawings for the Base Slab
• Finding a specific Document with the File Name or Family File Name
• Finding all of the Request for Information cases on the Concourse Slab that are Overdue
• Finding all of the Quality Record cases by John Smith that are In Process or Overdue for the Piles at Grid Line A
• Finding all of the In Process Correspondence cases that regard progress claims
• Finding all of the Concrete Order cases that were sent between 1 January 2018 and 31 January 2018 that have not been Closed

There are an infinite number of search criteria, meaning you will never lose another critical piece of project information ever again, regardless of your project's size.

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