The Final Instalment of Version Seven

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7.5 27th of October 2018
Our sixth release of version seven is here and marks the final instalment before version eight is announced. We’re delighted to introduce a slew of new features which boost collaboration in team environments.

Custom Case Types
Custom case types allow contractors to introduce their own case templates in Glaass to digitise virtually any paper-based process. Choose from our standard case types, create custom cases, or use a mixture of the two.

Delegation of Cases
Is a colleague on vacation or no longer on the project? Now users with Administrator permission can delegate cases in register to another colleague who can edit, action, and close the case.

Excel Export and Import of Inspection and Test Plans
Working with multiple inspection and test plans? Using the same inspection and test plan from project to project? Contractors can now quickly Excel export and import inspection and test plans to save typing time.

Privacy by Case Type
Now when Administrator users add new colleagues to the project, they can choose the case types they can view and create. This is ideal for adding sub-contractors or consultants where only specific information should be available.

Sorting of Revisions
Overviewing revisions is now much more powerful. Sort by the revision, issue, creation date or user to quickly find the desired revision.

View Seen Users in Groups
Expand and collapse groups when viewing cases to see who has viewed the case at what specific date and time.

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