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The technology industry is one that has advanced at unprecedented rates, and with tech heavyweights like Apple and Google, this movement is unlikely to change any time soon. Consider the mobile phone – a device ten years ago used for calling and text messaging, has evolved into a pocket sized gadget that is more powerful than the first computer sent to space. The push for faster and thinner has drastically altered the way consumers use mobile phones. Sure they still make phone calls, but the majority of users are either browsing the web, sending an email or streaming their favourite television show as they ride the train to work. Its software innovation that has facilitated this accessibility we’ve all become accustomed to.

Unlike the technology industry, the laws of physics have suppressed such rapid advancements in conventional construction practices; bound by our key structural elements, concrete and steel. Of course the construction industry, like any other, has undergone software adoption. Drafting and structural analysis programs can shed hours off design tasks whilst significantly reducing risk. As great as these applications are, they only benefit select engineering sectors depending on their application; geotechnical, structural, mechanical and so on.

What about project management software suits that aim to increase the productivity of more than one specific sector? Now drawing an end to 2014 construction sites continue to rely heavily on paper-based systems to manage their documents, rather than use software systems, why? The problem lies with the software itself. Construction professionals are incredibly skilled people, most just not with computers.

Construction professionals are incredibly skilled people, most just not with computers.

These failed systems are developed by software architects who don’t fully, or even partially, understand what the construction user needs. Increased efficiency and productivity can be achieved through project management software, but only when made – simple! Functional simplicity is what construction has always wanted, but always lacked – until now. Glaass – technology meets construction

Glaass is a startup founded by Lachlan Knight, a construction and engineering professional in conjunction with a team of software architects to create the reference in project management software. Utilising a cloud based platform for contractors, clients, sub-contractors, designers and suppliers. Record, track and trace your entire projects history on an easy to use interface across mobile and desktop platforms that requires no training, this is the vision of Glaass.

Boost communication and efficiency on your construction project with Glaass