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8.3 1 November 2019
The latest release of Glaass enables templates to be customised to include signatures, instructional images and additional workflow actions.

Single Signature
Performing an inspection and require a signature but you just can’t bear the thought of paper? Neither can we, that’s why we’ve integrated a digital signature box in templates to sign.

Multiple Signatures
Performing a toolbox talk or pre-start meeting and need your attendees to sign? Now you can customise templates to include multiple signature fields for everyone to sign digitally.

Searchable Meta-Data
Are you using a series of meta-data tags in your templates and want a quick way to find them? In Register you can now enter in those tags from the templates to quickly find them.

You can now include multiple people and users in a single step, so that just one of those users’ needs to approve it, providing more flexibility.

Looking to improve your construction processes? Thinking about going digital but not sure where to start? If you are looking for something simple yet powerful and completely customisable to your needs, get in contact with us on our website.

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