Say Hello to New Construction Tools

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At the heart of our creation is a clear vision to provide construction projects with a platform that not only sets clear guidelines, but intuitively streamlines the workflow of every user, facilitating efficiency and accuracy.

We’ve achieved this environment through understanding the unequivocal needs of project personnel, and then building tools designed specifically for them. Whether you’re a foreman, engineer or manager; we made Glaass a technology platform for you, here’s how.

The Foreman
Foremen have relatively simple requirements, as the orchestrator on the site they need the latest drawings organised in one place and readily accessible.

In Glaass, foremen have access to the projects drawings on the device they carry. They can favourite packages for quick access and highlight potential clashes to inform colleagues.

Likewise, when site engineers issue RFI’s, it’s automatically linked to the drawing package, ensuring cross communication so no structure is constructed while under query.

The Document Controller
Document Controllers are responsible for disseminating, organising and superseding documents and drawings.

Managing drawing packages and revision changes in Glaass is incredibly simple with our version control system; with just a single click Glaass ensures the entire lifecycle of the document or drawing package is maintained without human error for easy tracking.

Document Controllers have a special permission in Glaass ensuring projects don’t become disorganised with multiple data inputs.

The Site Engineer
Site engineers have a lot of data to create, manage and organise on projects and demand a system that’s fast, agile and efficient.

Glaass houses an entire suite of enterprise standard quality assurance tools coupled to powerful tools such as Linking, Calendar and Deep String Search ensuring proper documentation of project movements.

Engineers can create and manage their orders, records and media digitally from any device with fewer clicks than any other platform.

The QHSE Manager
Quality, health, safety and environment are four critical areas to the overall success of any project.

We’ve made it easy for QHSE managers to audit quality assurance records, client inspections, non-conformances, test results and defects all via Analytics Dashboard.

QHSE managers additionally can overview sites safety and environmental records to verify compliance with statutory bodies.

The Project Manager
Project managers are the directors of the operation and love one thing above all else, data. Unfortunately, project managers, like most of us, loath collating data.

Analytics Dashboard helps project managers understand their projects on a raw statistic level. It gives them true insights into their project to enable them to make measured changes with complete certainty.

Analytics Dashboard is a complete reinvention of data analytics. By autonomously using case meta-data such as statuses, overdue dates and key performance indicators we’re able to show project managers the real-time performance of their project and team.

CEO’s have a great responsibility to the company, none more so than the financial performance. Unfortunately, a lot of enterprise projects proceed through to arbitration, and as a result companies are subjected to unmitigated financial risk.

Projects Dashboard organises all of your current and completed projects in one place, ensuring easy access to historical information anywhere, anytime; providing CEO’s with an additional layer of insurance.

The value of Glaass as a blueprint to your project during legal proceedings is unparalleled. Having all the information about the project in one place connected as a permanent record cannot be underestimated.

Boost communication and efficiency on your construction project with Glaass