Reduce Accidents and Near Misses with Safety Analytics

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Safe worksites create happy and healthy environment for employees; which translates to increased production. The relationship between safety and production should never be underestimated.

Every project is different and the key to reducing accidents and near misses lies directly in your project’s data. When you understand what the most common triggers are, you’re empowered to make measured, assured changes on site.

This month we’re releasing accident and near miss reporting in Glaass. These reports tie into Glaass Analytics to show contractors trends in accidents and near misses by site locations, contractors, date ranges, and statuses.

Glaass Analytics goes even deeper into your projects reporting data to help predict and prevent accidents and near misses by showing you trends in accidents by affected body part, nature of accident, type of accident, triggering cause, and activity.

Accident and near miss reporting is displayed on our beautiful interface to make analytical comparisons simple and actionable. You can even export analytical data to excel format for further comparisons within your company.

Here’s what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Glaass’ safety features:

"I personally use Glaass for OHS Daily inspections as well for OHS Weekly inspections and I can say that it saves half my time to prepare the report." Ausra Galinyte Olesen, Copenhagen Metro Team, Area 3 Safety Supervisor

"Glaass makes it possible to track and trace pending OHS issues in a way so you´ll always have the big overview no matter how many inspections cases, OHS issues, subcontractors or construction sites you have." Søren Larsen, Copenhagen Metro Team, OHS Coordinator

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