New User Types and Permissions

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8.5 18 January 2020
This version of Glaass includes three new features which will provide contractors more control over their information and who can create or edit it.

Read Only User
Now teams can add users to the project who are read only. This means they can’t create, reply or edit any information, only view and download it. This is a handy user type for contractors working with subcontractors or temporary consultants.

Folder Controller Permission
This permission allows users to control and organise the folder structure in the project, along with designating which folders are private and which are public.

Document Controller Permission
This permission allows users to customise templates and reopen any closed case. We recommend only giving certain users Document Controller permission as these users can edit and modify important project data.

We’ll be back in a couple months with more updates on what’s changed, what’s new and what’s coming. In the meantime, if you need information or advice on construction management systems, get in contact with us.

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