New Audit and Sustainability Modules

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12.0 7 December 2023 

Our newest major release includes two brand-new modules, a re-designed module designer with grouped templates, and the option to have a daily email summary to help keep your inbox de-cluttered. These, and many more features, are included in our latest release.   

  • New Sustainability Module – Track resources, materials, and waste with units of measure and quantities over site locations to ensure compliance with project requirements. Meet social and cultural responsibility targets with tracking of employment criteria.
  • New Audit Module – Create audit plans and notifications that document the methodology, scope, relevant documents, and agenda with timeframes. Pre-populate audit checklists that specify requirements to be verified, the operability of the requirements, and whether they are present and effective. Create detailed audit reports with corrective actions, opportunities for improvement, and observations assigned to action owners with trackable due dates.
  • Daily Email Summary – Set a specific time to receive a daily email that includes a summary of all actions associated with your account with simple to follow hyperlinks to each case. Prefer to receive individual email notifications? No problem, you can choose between individual emails or a daily email summary.
  • Grouped Templates and Forms – Templates and forms can now be housed in groups within each module, perfect for projects with modules that have many forms digitised, making it easy for the users to locate the form they need to use.  
  • Lot Binders by ITP Items – Handing over lots to your client? You can now bind lots by inspection and test plan items, making it simple to follow where all of the related documentation sits. 
  • Download Analytical Widgets – Wanting to add flair to your weekly or monthly report with colourful graphs and charts? Now you can copy or direct download widgets from your Glaass analytical dashboard and imbed them into your report.  
  • Optimised Dashboard Notifications – Dashboard notifications have been optimised to better sort and filter results. 
  • Register with Closed On and Days Open – Register now includes new columns for “Closed on” and “Days Open” which shows the date the case was closed and automatically calculates the total number of days the case was open. 
  • Automatic Optical Character Recognition (OCR) – Projects can now elect to have documents and files have automatic optical character recognition (OCR). The technology is based on artificial intelligence and allows handwritten text to be recognised and reported.  
  • 1GB File Uploads – With a new release comes an increased file upload limit from 400MB to 1GB for those large, combined drawings and videos. 

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