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7.0 17th of January 2018
Each year we release an entirely new revision of Glaass that encompasses a slew of new features designed specifically for the construction user. We’re dedicated to creating real-world tools that are powerful, simple, and add measurable value to companies.

Version Seven, is our most evident example of our continued drive for construction innovation. Our release roadmap is filled with exciting new tools designed to deliver project excellence. Our latest feature is designed for planning mangers called production analytics.

Production analytics helps you better understand project resources.

Production analytics shows managers how many hours’ companies have used on programmed activities across various locations on the project. Production analytics is highly versatile, allowing analysis by locations, companies and activities, over a specified timeline. This enables planning managers to compare site progress with forecasted progress, helping identify resource delays. Results can then be exported to excel for further cost control measures. Practical examples include:

• Showing the hours Conflex have worked on piles during December 2017
• Calculating the hours used for reinforcement installation on the base slab by all companies
• Finding the hours Conflex have worked in Q4 2017 across the entire project
• Determining the hours Conflex and Civlex have worked on walls reinforcement and walls castings between 1 September 2017 and 31 October 2017

In addition to production analytics, we’ve included a few nifty features too:

• Improved email notifications for specific case actions
• Performance improvements for projects with lots of cases
• Excel export results from project analytics
• Directly access cases from project analytics detailed page
• See your most frequently used companies, users and locations when creating cases

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