Meet Glaass’ New Safety Features

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7.2 28th of May 2018
Our brand new version of Glaass boats a slew of new safety features, along with few nifty features to make managing construction projects simpler. The highlight this release is our all-new accident and near miss reporting framework. We’re passionate about digitising construction processes and with accident and near miss reporting, Glaass now helps contractors prevent accidents on site.

Accident and near miss reporting ties into Glaass Analytics to show contractors trends in accidents and near misses by site locations, contractors, date ranges, and statuses.

In addition to accident and new miss reporting, this new update includes the following new features:
• You can now add a signature to your cases and replies
• Improvements to deep string search for faster more accurate results
• A full set of brand new beautifully designed tutorials
• Support for multiple locations in cases and analytics
• Further case customisation to add large text boxes
• New options to toggle individual email notifications on or off for case actions
• Various improvements and enhancements

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