Major Upgrades to Register, Template Customisation and Linked Cases

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11.3 9 August 2023 

Our latest release adds a slew of features to Glaass Pro’s popular register tool that helps engineers and team members alike search, filter, and sort project information quickly. 

Advancements have been made to creating linked cases, with metadata from the linked case now automatically pulling across to the new template, helping all but eradicate human error and simultaneously boosting efficiency.  

  • Copied Metadata Values from Linked Cases – When working from a root case; for example a Lot, to create linked cases; for example, Control Points, Test Requests or Survey Requests, the metadata from the root case now automatically pre-populates the new template saving time from filling in the form, all but eliminating human error. 
  • Typeahead for Single and Multiple Option Select Fields – Single select and multiple option select fields with a large number of options can now be toggled to a typeahead option which allow users to type in a few characters to find the desired option.  
  • Template Customisation – Template customisation now allows for a new field type called file attachment, which allows users to specifically configure in where photos, videos, and other files appear in the template. Further, template customisation now includes the option to have the case creator as the default “To” or “Cc” recipient, allowing the case to be created but without notification to any user or group.  
  • Text Metadata in Register – Text and large text box fields can now be configured as metadata that appears in the register results and exportable to Excel format. 
  • Automatic Calculation of Action Item Due Dates in Register – Templates with items that have checkboxes have always shown the completion status in the register; however, now, the calculation in relation to its due date, whether upcoming or overdue, is now visible in the register. 
  • Automatic Dashboard and Email Notifications for Incomplete Action Items – Templates with items that have either a date or date and time type can now be configured with automatic reminders before, on, or after the due date. These reminders come to the user’s dashboard and also via email, if the user has emails enabled. 
  • Register and Analytics Excel Export with Hyperlinks – The register and analytics Excel export function now includes a hyperlink to the case on the case ID column for quick access.   

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