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A concise solution for the everyday contractor

Glaass Lite is ideal for contractors who need to capture and record all of the data that large organisations do, but at a more concise scale. Glaass Lite utilises Glaass Core with predefined templates based on best case evidence that are customisable to any construction application.

Glaass Core. Built-in tools that go all out.

Glaass Lite utilises Glaass Core from our enterprise solution, Glaass Pro to help contractors work at new levels.
  • Intelligent Search

    Instant access to everyone and everything in your project with just a few keystrokes.

  • Customisation

    No two infrastructure projects are the same, which is why we've inbuilt advanced customisation.

  • Linking

    Linking connects related construction activities together ensuring all changes are cross referenced.

  • Smart Calendar

    Automatically integrates your work to keep you organised, efficient, and proactive.

  • Projects Dashboard

    Swap between all the projects you're working on with a single click.

  • Project Analytics Lite

    See the real-time performance of your project and team with Project Analytics.

  • Production Analytics Lite

    Derive man hours from the site diary to show the number of hours’ used across the project.

  • Register Lite

    Find project documentation based on specific search criteria with our advanced search engine.

Glaass Templates.
Just what you need.

  • Inspections

    Digitally capture on-site inspections to form a traceable record.

  • Inspection & Test Plans

    Create specific inspection and test plans for your project.

  • Quality Records

    Link inspection and test plans to quality records for digital completion.

  • Defects

    Identify, distribute, and close out site defects quickly and easily.

  • OHSE Inspections

    Create site safety and environmental inspections with simple punch lists.

  • Documents

    Share the latest documents and drawings with your team for mobile access.

  • Diary

    Record site hours and analyse by contractors, activities, and locations.

  • Media

    Upload and organise site progress photos and videos as a digital album.

With all the help you need.
We offer complete support to your project through our proven support services.

  • Inbuilt tutorials

    When you log in for the first time you're greeted with tutorials which show you how everything works.

  • Video tutorials

    Access to our extensive library of video tutorials with step-by-step instructions and guidance.

  • Priority email support

    Our support team are ready and waiting to help answer any questions.

  • New feature requests

    Our development team is available to work with clients to create new digital tools.

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Price AU$19/user
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Multiple agreement options yes
Essential Information
Storage 1 TB (1,000 GB) Unlimited
Data at rest encryption with 256-bit AES yes yes
Project back ups yes yes
Export completed projects yes yes
Glaass Core
Intelligent Search yes yes
Customisation yes yes
Linking yes yes
Smart Calendar yes yes
Project Dashboard yes yes
Project Analytics yes Lite yes
Production Analytics yes Lite yes
Register yes Lite yes
Printing yes yes
User permissions yes yes
Archiving yes yes
Workflows yes
Private cases yes
Delegate cases yes
New feature requests yes yes
Choice of modules yes
Choice of cases yes
Custom case templates yes
Custom case IDs yes
Inbuilt tutorials yes yes
Video tutorials yes yes
Priority email support yes yes
Personalised set up yes
On-site training yes
Go live support yes
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