How We’re Digitalising Construction

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Microsoft Office files are unfortunately synonymous amongst construction and infrastructure projects around the world. There’s no denying using Office documents to record your project is an inefficient and outdated business process. What’s worse is that these files exponentially increase a projects physical paper trail. If that’s the case, then why is Office so popular? It’s because it’s highly versatile. It’s customisable to virtually any application whether it be an inspection form, concrete test or defect register. That’s the strongest asset of Office.

Glaass’ strongest asset is empowering teams to record, track and trace their entire project faster and easier than any other platform. With our upcoming customisation feature, Glaass will be the most versatile construction management platform, making it suitable for any infrastructure venture. The traceability and accountability you know and love in Glaass is now paired with limitless customisation. Whatever the construction application, cases can be customised to digitally optimise your project’s procedures without constraint.

So your project doesn’t become disorganised only Document Controller privileged users in Glaass can customise cases. To help trace your changes, we automatically log amendments made to each case type. What does this practically mean? If your company is undertaking simultaneous bulk excavation and drainage installation projects, Document Controllers can modify each project test request case ensuring the unique attributes of each task are captured in accordance with relevant standards. Of course, you can swap between projects with a single click making Glaass the ultimate productivity platform for construction teams. Plus, there’s now no excuse to hand your team another piece of paper! Customisation in Glaass is our greatest effort towards digitalising construction.

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