Glaass Update 2.0

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2016 was a feature-filled year for Glaass; we celebrated our public launch, transitioned from a startup into a small company, deployed four major updates and held presentations with forward thinking construction companies across the world. With our attention now locked on the year ahead, we wanted to share a brief update with our followers, this is update 2.0!

The Team
We’ve been blessed with some talented minds help shape Glaass, and this year we welcomed some new faces to the team. We employed a new front end developer and web designer to implement the user interface and build our new website. We also collaborated with newfound construction professionals. We’re a team based all around the world brought together with aid of online platforms.

You can read more about the tools we use on our blog at:

The Milestones
Without a doubt our greatest milestone this year was the public launch. It was a culmination of design, development and testing harmoniously coming together. It was an extraordinarily exciting and stressful period; we couldn’t be happier with the end result. We had major infrastructure companies from around the world sign up to experience our ecosystem. Another important milestone which preceded the launch was the implementation of the user interface. We worked incredibly hard on creating a beautiful design, because we were unable to accept construction management software looking like a fragment of Windows 2000 any longer. You accept what you tolerate, and we couldn’t tolerate it anymore! Our intolerance is the reason we strive for perfection.

If you’re part of a company and would like to try Glaass, you can register here:

New Technologies
The technology industry is poised at an interesting pendulum with the gradual emergence of virtual reality, augmented reality and autonomous tools. We believe these technologies have great potential, but require simple implementation with real world cases. That’s what is still being thought out. Our goal has, and always will be, to marry technology and construction together in a way that fosters team performance. This year we devised plans on how to integrated technologies like these, and more, into Glaass to create new products.

The Updates
We deployed four major updates since our July launch, one of which introduced an entirely new feature, customisation. As creators, we’re never 100% happy with our work, which is a good thing. It means we’re continually striving to do better. When we release an update, we’re already working on the next. We’re excited for the year ahead to continue the trend of releasing new features. We’re currently working on an entirely new version, dubbed 6.0, which is focused on speed. We’re optimising our code in a way that delivers performance increases across the platform while at the same time introducing a new design philosophy which makes working between cases more fluid. All updates are free, over the air and appear in the background so your workflow is never interrupted.

You can see our full update history here:

The Summary
We achieved a lot this year through teamwork, goal setting and internal optimisations. We’re looking forward to the year ahead and will be sure to update you again as our story continues to unfold.

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