Glaass Update 1.0

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The last quarter has been an extraordinarily busy period for our startup setting up bank accounts, drafting legal documents and finalising development. As we lead into 2016 we’re working harder to deliver state of the art construction management software to help companies collaborate better. Since conceiving the idea over two years ago, we’ve celebrated achievements, faced challenges and grown as a team. It has been an incredible journey for everyone involved and we’re truly excited for what the future holds. Welcome to Glaass Update 1.0, everything about where we are.

Startup success depends on a lot of factors; the one closest to me is the team. What you realise in a project like this, is that there are some seriously talented people in the world. We’re a unique team originating from differing geographical locations, educational backgrounds and professions. It’s unconventional, but it works extremely well for our project. Last year we doubled in size adding new developers, graphic designers and construction professionals. We’re continuing this growth in 2016 with new web designers joining our incredible team in February.

Software development has been extremely strong. All eight prototype builds are now complete. Our workflow has shifted from core product development to polishing and load testing. We understand the frustration of broken technology, which is why we’re so focused on quality assurance. Our productivity skyrocketed last year thanks to a more efficient work strategy and new recruits. We’re also in the process of developing some exciting new features which will be available to our clients in late 2016.

An area we’ve obsessed over is design, which has two very important functions. Firstly, it’s the user’s interaction with Glaass; it’s what they’re touching, seeing and feeling. Secondly, it facilitates user navigation. Interfaces macerated with a plethora of icons and text doesn’t inspire user confidence, it confuses people! After countless hours and changes we have a beautiful, minimalistic interface that is functionally simple and stunning to interact with. It was without doubt one of our hardest tasks; we think users will love it.

Design is so simple, that’s why it’s so complicated

User feedback has been resoundingly positive from the companies we’ve presented to. They finally have a company who intimately understands their problems and is creating practical, real world tools to solve them. We have presentations throughout the first quarter of 2016 with companies in the United Kingdom, Denmark and Australia. We’re excited to show these companies the next innovation in construction management.

The last section of our update is on funding. It’s last because it’s the least important to our story. Regardless of our funding Glaass was going to be created, that’s how determined we are to help construction teams. In a Bill Gross presentation entitled, the single biggest reason why start-ups succeed, he found that out of 200 start-ups, of the five key elements idea, team, business model, funding and timing; funding was the least important.

I hope you enjoyed this update and insight into our startup. We’ll bring you updates like this more frequently as our journey transforms.

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