Glaass Introduces Customisation!

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Customisation is here! After months of planning, developing and extensive testing, we’re excited to release our powerful customisation feature. Users with Document Controller permission can now customise cases to suit any construction or engineering discipline.

  • New projects have default case metadata fields to facilitate quick and easy establishment.
  • Go crazy with as many, or as few fields as your project requires, there’s no limits.
  • Choose a ‘User’ or ‘Company’ field type to highlight colleagues and companies directly in cases.
  • Select a ‘Location’ field type to communicate precision location data.
  • Use ‘Date’ or ‘Time’ field types to communicate deadlines that integrate seamlessly into Glaass Calendar.
  • Make use of ‘Single and Multiple Option Select’ field type to capture specific project metadata.
  • Mix and match! Swap fields around in the order you want.
  • Update cases as your projects enter new phases, it’ll only affect newly created cases.
  • Customisation records modifications made to cases highlighting projects unique changes.

We can't wait to see how projects use Glaass Customisation to bring true versatility to teams.

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