Glaass Gets New Case Functionality

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7.4 5th of August 2018
We’re celebrating our fifth release of the year with a new version which adds new functionality to Glaass. We’re proud to continually support our application in the pursuit of offering our customers the best possible experience.

We continually update Glaass with new features to provide construction teams with the best collaboration platform

Add Attachments to Item Comments Customising specific case types to include items is a fast way to communicate and close out multiple issues at once. Now, users can reply to individual items with attachments. This is ideal for confirming an item, such as a safety issue or defect, has been completed by attaching a photo or document.

Checkbox Counter Cases that include items with checkboxes and comments now show a counter in the middle column to quickly communicate the number of completed items without having to open the case e.g. 4 of 8 items complete. The counter also extends to quality record cases with inspection and test plans linked.

Archiving Cases If you have created a case incorrectly, you can of course edit it; however, now you have the option to archive it. Archiving cases permanently deletes them out of the project. Rest assured, only the owner of the case can archive it.

Non-Scrolling Heading When you scroll down a long case, you’ll now have a non-scrolling heading which shows important information such as the case title, creator, revision and issue. It sits just below the toolbar with all of the actionable buttons.

Analytics Improvements Customers already love Glaass Analytics because they can see detailed performance statistics about their project and team. A redesign to analytics dashboard makes it even easier to select meta-data to analyse your project.

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