Glaass Contract Options

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Legal documents are the antithesis of fun, which is why we created simple contracts that are versatile and clear. Regardless of your construction application, size or complexity; we have a contract that suits your project. In this blog we’ll outline the various options and discuss their key differences.

Getting started is just three simple steps:
1. Tell us about your project
2. We’ll create a quote
3. Select your contract type

The first option is the monthly contract; it’s the easiest way to get started with Glaass. It’s ideal for small and medium projects that have a relatively short duration. It’s perfect for new clients wishing to implement Glaass without any risk as the minimum duration is only three months. Once your project is complete, we can set up additional projects or simply end your contract, no questions asked.

The second option is the annual contract; it’s the most cost effective way to implement Glaass on large scale infrastructure projects. It’s significantly cheaper than the monthly contract as it has a twelve-month minimum duration.

The third option is the enterprise contract. This is the most customisable contract reserved for large construction firms implementing Glaass on multiple concurrent projects. It’s the most cost effective way to collaborate with us at an enterprise level.

Everything about Glaass has been designed with the user in mind, and this extends to our legal contracts. There’s no fine print or misleading paragraphs, just a clear understanding of your service agreement.

Boost communication and efficiency on your construction project with Glaass