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Using the wrong revision of a drawing can be a costly exercise for companies. The time and resources involved in rework hinder both budget and programme.

Our forthcoming release, version 6.4, makes handling file versions in document and drawing cases a whole lot smarter. Here’s a preview of how it works.

Document and drawing cases already use our version control technology introduced in version 6.0. This means document and drawing cases can have multiple, organised revisions to clearly distinguish new document and drawing packages. This makes tracing previous revision changes simple.

In version 6.4, when you update a document or drawing case, Glaass will automatically detect the files you’ve attached to identify whether they’re:

Current file revisions
These file versions exist in previous revision(s). Because no updates exist for these files, they are by default attached to the new revision.

Updated file revisions
These files update older versions that exist in previous revision(s). Because these files are updated, they are by default attached to the new revision.

New files
These files haven’t been attached to previous revision(s) of this case. Because these files are new, they are by default attached to the new revision.

Superseded file revisions
These files are superseded. Because these files are old, they are by default not attached to the new revision.

File version detection is made possible when document controllers follow a consistent file naming scheme. Glaass is then able to segregate the latest drawings, helping document controllers save time, effort and energy when sharing document and drawing updates. Most importantly, it ensures teams are using the latest revisions.

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