Documentation Handover Made Simple

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One of the catalysts for creating Glaass was a continual frustration when trying to track and trace project information on multiple, disconnected systems. Spreading quality assurance, documents, drawings and correspondence across different platforms generates a workflow that can only be described as inefficient.

So much time is lost by construction teams simply searching for information.

So much time is lost by construction teams simply searching for information. It’s a problem that we’ve seen all over the world on large-scale projects. The problem is only amplified when projects attempt to gather all of the documentation together for handover to the client. It’s a mess and we think we can help companies do a lot better.

We’ve been looking at the handover process for some time now and we’ve come up with two great tools that make the process a whole lot simpler.

Export to hard disk
This is a tool that exports all of your cases and attachments to a hard disk that’s structured exactly like your Glaass project. This means you’re able to provide every document, drawing, revision, inspection and more, to your client on one organised drive. We’re able to create multiple drives in case of additional clients or company records.

Read-only project
Read-only projects are not able to be modified or edited. The advantage of read-only is that companies are still able to use powerful Glaass tools such as case register which enables fast and accurate tracking of information. Additionally, companies can access completed projects from any device, wherever they are, for as long as they like.

Both options are available upon project completion and we think they’re going to help boost client satisfaction with how seamless and professional they are.

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