Custom Case Types Explained

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When you start a project with Glaass, we assist you in customising field meta-data in our standard case types to ensure you capture the required information in each case type. Now, with custom case types, you can create your own case type templates.

Our standard case types help projects get up and running quickly; however, we understand that companies require the ability to tune enterprise applications to meet their specific business needs.

During our personalised setup service, we assist you in creating custom case types, so when your team access the project, it’s setup and ready to go. We also have the ability to introduce custom case types during any phase of the project in case you need more.

The possibilities with custom case types are endless; though, we’ve shared some common examples:

• Create a series of safety inspections – Civil OHS Inspection, Architectural Finishes OHS Inspection, and Façade OHS Inspection case template each with different fields.
• Create individual non conformance reports – Quality Non Conformance Report, Environmental Inspection Report, and Safety Non Conformance Report case templates.
• Create a Plant Inspection Report case template to record when plant comes on site and if it has had the required servicing.
• Create a daily OHS Toolbox case template to capture who attended the toolbox, what was discussed, and activities for the day.

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