Cross-Project Analytics

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11.1 9 November 2022 

Our latest instalment of Glaass Pro includes enterprise focused features designed to help large-scale construction organisations better overview their project’s performance with cross-project analytics and Single Sign On for streamlined user management.  

  • Cross-Project Analytics – View all your project’s key performance indicators on a single, centralised dashboard with colourful, interactive widgets. A central Glaass Pro environment acts as a hub for individual project environments to publish data into. Consolidated metadata allows organisations to streamline and unify their data reporting requirements to analyse data.   
  • Collaboration Status – A new status dubbed collaboration allows users to collaborate with other colleagues on the project to complete various sections within the template without the need to delegate the entire task. 
  • Edit Item and Checklist Comments – Users who have made a comment on an item, workflow step or checklist item now can edit it or delete it entirely. File support is also included, allowing users the possibility to remove or replace attached files. 
  • Mandatory Asterisk – Projects can now choose if they would like a mandatory asterisk (*) next to mandatory fields. Mandatory asterisks can be enabled or disabled per template, allowing projects the ability to fully personalise each templates according to their needs.

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