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7.1 25th of March 2018
Tracking and tracing documentation effectively on large-scale projects is crucial to maintaining efficient operation. Companies that employ disconnected systems never designed for construction to record project information handicap themselves when it comes time to tracing documentation.

Case Register in Glaass is an advanced search engine that enables contractors to trace any piece of information no matter the projects size in a matter of seconds. We’re known for creating powerful construction management software that is simple to use, and Case Register is no exception.

Case Register can find any document, drawing, revision, inspection, record, test result, non-conformance, defect, photo, diary, or correspondence; no matter the project size.

Search by keywords in the case title, case replies, or the case ID. Advanced users can search by file names and family file names. Syntaxes such as OR, AND or NOT help power-users find information faster. Use case meta-data such as the status, case type, issue, revision, location, user, company, or date range to find exactly what you need. Results can also be exported to Excel for further application.

Case Register can be as simple or advanced as you need it, so all project personnel can leverage its power. There are thousands of search combinations, below are practical examples of how Case Register can help save time tracing:

Valid for Construction Reinforcement Drawings for the Base Slab
Inspection and Test Plans that are currently For Approval or With Comments
Non Conformances that are Overdue or In Process
Request For Information cases that are Overdue
Defects that are In Process or Overdue by Conflex Contractors
• All Method Statements and Work Procedures that are Valid For Construction
Environmental Inspections between 1 February 2018 and 28 February 2018
Quality Records by John Smith that are In Process or Overdue for the Piles
Correspondence cases that are In Process regarding Claims
Concrete Orders sent between 1 January 2018 and 31 January 2018 that have not been Closed

In addition to Case Register, Version 7.1 includes the following new features:
• Production Analytics now includes the number of workers in detailed view
• My Work better distinguishes your favourite document and drawing revisions
• Glaass now remembers how you filter your calendar on each project
• Location, user, and company fields now include a list of all of the locations, users, and companies
• You can now send a case without any text or description
• Better support for projects with selected cases
• Improved support for companies who have multiple Glaass projects.
• Better support for all file types being uploaded to Glaass media cases
• Various performance improvements for companies with multiple projects
• UI improvements throughout the entire experience
• Security improvements with folder management
• Minor bug fixes throughout

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