Can I Copy Your Work?

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8.2 16 July 2019
This update introduces tools designed to make work in Glaass even faster. New features such as copying, searching text within files, and automatic title suggestions collectively increases team efficiency.

This also sees the first major user interface redesign to Glaass. The middle column has been completely revised to visually show cases, folders and their subsequent characteristics much clearer.

Copying is perfect for repetitive tasks such as daily diaries and inspections. No longer do teams need to create from scratch, simply copy to duplicate and send.

Search Text Within Files
Trouble finding that file but know some text inside of it? Search now finds files based on keywords and phrases.

Use Title Suggestions
Now teams with can use the customised title suggestion with a simple click increasing user efficiency and project naming control.

New Tutorials
New in application tutorials throughout the user interface provides users with additional tips, tricks and tools whilst completing tasks.

In App Videos
There’s no need to go to YouTube anymore, our complete library of video tutorials now sits within the application for quick and easy access.

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