BIM and Offline Capabilities in Glaass Pro

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9.1 29 June 2020
Our latest release introduces BIM capabilities to provide projects with increased advantages when working with 3D models. This update also includes full offline capabilities for our iOS and Android app to assist projects who might be working in areas with little or no internet.

BIM integration
Autodesk Integration – Autodesk BIM360 users can now connect their accounts to Glaass to integrate their RVT and IFC BIM models.
Adding and Updating Models – Connected Autodesk BIM360 account users can add and update RVT and IFC models.
Viewing Models – Users can view 3D models in Glaass to provide a visual overview of the project.
Pinning Cases to BIM Elements – Templates can be customised to include ‘Pin to Model’ fields, prompting users to pin cases to specific elements of the model.
Viewing Cases with 3D Pins – Cases with pinned models automatically zoom to the element to show the user the precise location of the record.

iOS and Android App Offline Capabilities
Offline Mode – Glaass automatically detects when users are offline and provides intuitive prompts that help guide users when working without internet.
Download Cases and Folders – You can now download cases and folders whilst online to view and analyse when offline.
Create Cases – Users can now create cases without internet and Glaass will automatically synchronise once a cellular or Wi-Fi connection is reached.
Offline Settings – In app settings allow users to choose Wi-Fi only connections to save phone data consumption.

Solution Wide Features
Improved Email Notifications – Email notifications now include the case ID in the title to better aid email inbox search.
Calendar and Register Performance Improvements – Both calendar and register have been re-engineered to provide even better performance on large projects.

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