Artists & Influencers Part 1

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Artists and influencers is a series dedicated to the people I’ve drawn inspiration from throughout the journey of creating Glaass. The catalyst of any creative venture is a culmination of experiences, surroundings and beliefs. These are the people who’ve shaped my art.

Kyau & Albert Musicians, Germany
Kyau & Albert are a German trance duo who creates music inspired by love. Their signature sound is a reflection of their unique and raw passion for sound. Their perfectionistic attention to detail is evident across all of their records; something I admire in any art form. I couldn’t count the number of podcasts I’ve listened to whilst designing Glaass.

Tim Cook Businessman, America
The passing of Steve Jobs presented Cook with a monumental role to fill, and he’s succeeded beyond all doubt, just look at the numbers. He’s led Apple through turbulent economies to become the world’s most valuable company. He’s donated large portions of his own money and even revealed personal details to better others. He’s an inspiring leader, presenter and CEO that I hope to meet someday.

Ken Knight Artist, Australia
Ken Knight is an Australian plein air artist producing landscape paintings outside in oil in an impressionist manner. A relentless work ethic and devotion to quality mean a lot of pieces are never released or seen by the public. He’s an amazing father who’s supported my every endeavour.

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