Advanced Customisation Coming Next to Glaass

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Our forthcoming release scheduled for early-July introduces a new array of customisation features to make construction projects more creative. We understand that no two projects or companies are the same, which is why we’re expanding our customisation capabilities.

Our users already love customising cases to modify and introduce new meta-data to more accurately capture project information. Now, with our updated customisation dashboard, users will be able to tailor case types with greater flexibility.

Set title suggestions
Setting case title suggestions is a great way to communicate standardised naming formats to help your project maintain consistent case records.

Change the default status
Choose which case types are set to in process and which are set to closed. Setting a default status helps your team create cases even faster.

Introduce items in cases
Previously, only certain cases had items and checklists. Now, we’re giving you the power, so you can choose which cases have items, checklists, comments, and item images.

Insert default users or groups
Choose default recipients or groups for each case type to ensure specific personnel always receive important project information.

Preview customisations
Preview enables you to visually see how your customisations look and feel, allowing you to modify changes before saving.

In addition to our new customisation dashboard, users will be able to set their preferred attachments view for each case type. Choose between stunning gallery view where attachments appear on large collated tiles, or list view for a more concise overview. There are many more features bundled to this release which we can’t wait to share with you soon.

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