5 Reasons Construction Should Ditch Email

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Construction projects around the world continue to rely on email as a platform for correspondence, and it needs to stop. Email has its place, but it’s certainly not on infrastructure projects as a document or correspondence system. Email is, and always has been, a consumer system designed to correspond privately. Team environments thrive on the accessibility of readily available information; employing a personal system like email negates this. Here are five reasons your project should ditch email.

5. Read Receipts
Have you ever sent a late email that’s actionable early the following morning? Wouldn’t it be beneficial to know if the recipient saw your email? A mandatory and unobtrusive method for determining read receipts in email is completely absent.

4. Multiple Replies
Is your inbox clogged up with the same email thread from twenty different replies? You have to click each one checking for any actionable items. A disorganised inbox doesn’t generate efficiency or productivity.

3. No Accountability
Have you ever sent an important email, only to realise weeks later you never received a response? You were so busy you completely forgot to follow up. There’s no feature in email to remind you of unresolved items because it doesn’t promote accountable or proactive workflows.

2. No Traceability
If an employee leaves your company how efficiently can you sort and recover their email correspondence? How valuable are their emails to the project? Emails aren’t methodically organised or categorised. Moreover, what emails did they send that you weren’t aware of?

1. No Permanency
How frequently is important project information such as agreed changes or delays corresponded via email? Your projects records are your company’s insurance policy in the event of litigation. Additionally, emails can be deleted and even edited to misrepresent the truth. Is email a system your company can afford to depend on?

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