3 Essential Components to Project Success

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One of the catalysts for founding a completely rethought vision for construction management software, was an ever increasing frustration with constructions continual reliance upon numerous, detached, inefficient and immobile systems to record, manage and trace project information.

Remember, a system is defined as:

a set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network.

A network of paper, email and lacklustre construction platforms fail to provide even a modicum of efficiency to teams, because managing project information across multiple platforms is ironically the antithesis of interconnected.

Here are three essential components missing from most systems that are critical to project success.

Element 1 Accountability
Accountability is the intrinsic principal to completing tasks, but how is it implemented? With a due date, of course. When a due date is linked to an activity, task or problem, the deadline becomes defined and its level of urgency is clearly communicated. In Glaass due dates are imbedded into all case types and have a default value of +14 days which can be changed or customised depending on the tasks criticality.

Element 2 Responsibility
Coupled to accountability, responsibility clearly defines who is responsible to action the activity, task or problem. How is responsibility communicated? The answer is with statuses. Statuses show who is responsible to reply, action or close the task. In Glaass the case creator chooses the status to clearly communicate if a reply or action is required and who is responsible to do so.

Element 3 Traceability
The final element to project success if traceability. Have you ever searched for valuable project information years from its creation? If you’re using multiple systems you know this process is a nightmare. In Glaass, managers have access to analytics which shows project information by dates, users, locations, case types, revisions, statuses, issues or a combination of everything so you’ll never lose another document, ever again.

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