• 16.11.2014

    Where Email Fails!

    Emailing is an incredibly convenient and popular tool for transferring information in the digital age we live in. They’re easy to create, fast to send and accessible on virtually any device. It’s for these reasons it has become so widely adopted in personal and professional sectors. It’s a system the construction industry has depended heavily upon to quickly and easily disseminate correspondence within project teams. When considering the evolvement of emailing, nothing is seen to have drastically changed, but why should it?

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  • 10.11.2014

    Technology, Software and Construction

    The technology industry is one that has advanced at unprecedented rates, and with tech heavyweights like Apple and Google, this movement is unlikely to change any time soon. Consider the mobile phone – a device ten years ago used for calling and text messaging, has evolved into a pocket sized gadget that is more powerful than the first computer sent to space. The push for faster and thinner has drastically altered the way consumers use mobile phones.

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