• 25.06.2015

    How Perfectionists Design

    When we founded Glaass we challenged ourselves to design construction software the way it should have been – functional, accountable, fast and exceptionally easy to use. We want users to love the Glaass experience whereby our products integrally lead project teams to success. When we began designing Glaass some 18 months ago, we stepped back and asked ourselves why? What has driven us to create software systems? We came up with two simple answers:

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  • 26.05.2015

    Top 5 Issues in Construction!

    Exasperated by the absence of effective construction management software within the industry was a driving factor in founding Glaass. In this blog I’ll tell you five of the most maddening issues that exist within the building game!

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  • 13.03.2015

    The Challenges of Software Design

    One of the greatest hurdles in undertaking any significant project is arguably the blank, deserted canvas staring you down upon starting. It’s where procrastination commonly roots its evil. Whether you’re writing an essay, creating artwork or building software, as in our case, you’ll likely face the same issue – where to start? Having a great idea or a meticulously structured business plan often isn’t a saviour in these early stages. The best method in combatting early phase problems is creating mock-ups, drafts, sketches, diagrams and charts; anything to get the ideas flowing.

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  • 28.01.2015

    Combating Resistance to Change

    Most organisations, regardless of their practical application, face the requirement to change at some point. Change is a necessary tool to overcome business inabilities; whether that’s applying new technologies or adapting to an evolving financial environment, it’s purpose remains the same. What might not be so apparent is that the employees within these organisations aren’t so fond of the repercussions that change can bring. Shifting business procedures delivers opportunity, and, a degree of uncertainty.

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  • 14.01.2015

    We Have Been Funded!

    The team at Glaass is proud to announce that we have received our first round of funding. We are excited to see the team expand and continue our quest to delivering the best construction management software available. If you are a passionate individual and would like to get in contact with the team at Glaass feel free to contact us on the below links.

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  • 03.12.2014

    Building Software for Construction's Diversity!

    Few enterprise sectors share the same scale of socio-professional diversification that large-scale construction companies typically house. Designing, constructing and delivering billion dollar infrastructure projects are the work of hundreds, and sometimes thousands of skilled and unskilled people, from variety of companies each specialising in specific trades. These companies, and their employees, collaborate together for any given duration for the common goal of project completion.

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  • 16.11.2014

    Where Email Fails!

    Emailing is an incredibly convenient and popular tool for transferring information in the digital age we live in. They’re easy to create, fast to send and accessible on virtually any device. It’s for these reasons it has become so widely adopted in personal and professional sectors. It’s a system the construction industry has depended heavily upon to quickly and easily disseminate correspondence within project teams. When considering the evolvement of emailing, nothing is seen to have drastically changed, but why should it?

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  • 10.11.2014

    Technology, Software and Construction

    The technology industry is one that has advanced at unprecedented rates, and with tech heavyweights like Apple and Google, this movement is unlikely to change any time soon. Consider the mobile phone – a device ten years ago used for calling and text messaging, has evolved into a pocket sized gadget that is more powerful than the first computer sent to space. The push for faster and thinner has drastically altered the way consumers use mobile phones.

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