• 10.11.2021

    Microsoft Power BI Reporting

    10.3 10 November 2021
    Our latest release focuses on helping enterprise companies get more out of Glaass Pro by enabling additional data extraction mechanisms to facilitate better, faster data utilisation.

    The two new headline features include bring your own data lake to facilitate Power BI reporting, and binders to extract data in bulk.

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  • 08.09.2021

    Italian Localisation

    10.2 8 September 2021
    Version 10.2 takes Glaass Pro in a new direction with native Italian localisation now available. Available on both desktop and app, individual users can set their own language to suit their individual preference.

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  • 30.07.2021

    Glaass Pro Now Available on Microsoft AppSource

    Glaass today announced the availability of Glaass Pro on Microsoft AppSource, an online cloud marketplace providing tailored line-of-business solutions.

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  • 02.07.2021

    Item and Workflow Step Linking

    10.1 2 July 2021
    Version 10.1 expands upon Glaass Pro’s flexibility with item and workflow step linking. Linking to individual items and workflow steps allows teams to pin specific information to improve project compliance.

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  • 25.05.2021

    New Project in Papua New Guinea

    Glaass are excited to announce that our solution has been selected by Clough to manage quality assurance on the Lombrum Infrastructure Project in Papua New Guinea, a joint initiative of the Australian and PNG Governments to redevelop the Lombrum Naval Base.

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  • 06.05.2021

    3 Reasons Your Data Workflow is Not Working for You

    When market forces shift and customer preferences evolve, businesses rely on the collection and analysis of data to design and implement company policies, executive decisions and operational workflows. The benefits of these activities range from improved operational efficiency to reduced operational costs.

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  • 27.04.2021

    Analytical Dashboards

    10.0 27 April 2021
    Version 10.0 builds upon our platform’s configurability with an immersive analytical experience. This release also packages a range of new features such as a redesigned search experience, time bound workflows and user exporting.

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  • 09.02.2021

    Drill Down, Roll Up!

    9.3 9 February 2021
    This release builds upon Glaass Core’s Register, which already allows users to produce filtered lists of project processes, and now, the ability to drill into items for more detailed reviews. Register also now intuitively learns how you view project information and remembers it for added convenience.

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  • 07.12.2020

    Analytics, Integrations, Approvals and Performance

    9.2 7 December 2020
    This release includes a new integration with smart solutions company, Effera; helping to increase data accuracy and team efficiency. This update also adds a variety of improvements related to daily diary analytics, workflow approvals, and performance.

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  • 29.06.2020

    BIM and Offline Capabilities in Glaass Pro

    9.1 29 June 2020
    Our latest release introduces BIM capabilities to provide projects with increased advantages when working with 3D models. This update also includes full offline capabilities for our iOS and Android app to assist projects who might be working in areas with little or no internet.

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