Powerful construction management software made simple...

Construction Entirely Rethought

Glaass connects your construction team together to record, track and trace every aspect of your project on one simple platform. Utilising cloud architecture it provides the accountability, transparency and mobility your team needs to succeed. Everything about your project is methodically organised as a permanent record. Welcome to the future of construction.



Cloud based construction management software


Contractors, suppliers and clients in one place


Made by construction and engineering professionals


Everything about all your projects on any device


Record, track and trace your project securely


Designed for projects of all types and sizes

Simplicity is our Philosophy

At Glaass our goal will always remain the same - to provide reference standard construction management software that is powerful, fast and easy to use. We’ve considered every detail to create a product that is so intuitive, it requires no training to operate. Even better, there’s no installation, no updating or maintenance required.


Share project documents, drawings, procedures and more with your construction team


Manage incoming and outgoing correspondence between all parties on your project


Inbuilt DWG tools to access important information from all of your construction drawings


Collate your projects quality assurance records with integrated inspection and test plan checklists


Identify defects on your project, issue actions to colleagues and record their closure


Record your sites activities, workforces, weather and more with inbuilt diary functionality


Track your projects purchase and site materials orders all the way through to delivery


Track project costs, subcontractor progress claims and more with financial tracking features


Take full control of your construction with incorporated management tools to identify delays


Organise your projects operational health and safety policies, statistics and inspections


Manage your projects environmental procedures, site inspections and overall health


Create a photographic timeline of your construction with progress photos and videos



Linking connects related construction activities together ensuring all changes are cross referenced on Glaass. Link design changes to drawing packages, non conformances to quality records or concrete orders to test requests... the possibilities are endless.


See the real time performance of your project with Glaass Analytics. Forget wasting time collating data, creating spreadsheets and graphs. Analytics tells you everything about how your project and team are performing at any given time. You've never had this much control over your project.

Multiple Projects

Swap between all the projects you're working on with Glaass' project manager. One log in, everything you're associated with, all in one place. Changing between projects is just a click away. Your team has never experienced mobility like this.


We've re-engineered the calendar as you know it. Glaass automatically integrates your work into your calendar to help you stay on time and up to date with project changes. It's so smart it knows all of your inspections and deliveries too.


We've incorporated status' and due dates into everything you do in Glaass ensuring you stay organised, efficient and proactive. Glaass' smart assistant automatically notifies you when tasks are overdue, so you'll never miss another deadline.

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